Metal Enclosure
Air Circuit Breaker :

Designed for both industrial and marine application, HYUNDAI Air Circuit Breakers have innovative structure, Various protections, and reliable performance.

HiAN & HiAH type

  • HiAN06-20 - 70kA up to 2000A
  • HiAN25-32 - 85kA 2500A, 3200A
  • HiAN40 - 100kA 4000A
  • HiAN50-63 - 120kA 5000A, 6300A
  • HiAH32 - 130kA 3200A
HiAS type

  • HiAS06-16 - 50kA up to 1600A
  • HiAS20-32 - 65kA up to 3200A


Qualified Standard & Approval


  • IEC 60947-2 International Electrotechnical Commission
  • EN 60947-2 European Standard
  • AS 3972-2 Australian Standard
  • NEMA PUB NO.SG3 National Electrical Manufactures Association
  • ANSI C37.13 American National Standard Institute
  • VDE 0660 Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
  • GOST R 50030.2-99 9 Government Standard of Russia
  • GOST R 50030.1-2000 Government Standard of Russia


  • ISO 18001, 14001, 9001
  • KERI/KOREA Korea Electro Technology Reserch Institute
  • CE/EU Community European/TUV Rheinland
  • GOST-R/RUSSIA Government Standard of Russia
  • CCC/CHINA China Compulsory Certification
  • KR/KOREA Korean Register of Shipping
  • GL/GERMANY Germanischer Lloyd
  • LR/U.K. Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • ABS/U.S.A. American Bureau of Shipping
  • BV/FRANCE Bureau Veritas
  • NK/JAPAN Nippon Kaiji Kyokai


High breaking capacity

Hyundai Air Circuit Breakers realize high breaking capacity and
short-time withstand current with advanced technologies.

  • HiAN type: up to Icu 120kA, Icw 100kA at AC500V
  • HiAH type: Icu 130kA, Icw 65kA at AC500V

HiAN06-20 - 70kA
HiAN25-32 - 85kA
HiAN40 - 100kA
HiAN50-63 - 120kA
HiAH32 - 130kA


Customized design
  • Minimized dimension difference of ACBs make easy to design switchboards. Breakers can also be replaced according to system specification changes.
  • All type ACBs have same panel cut-out size, so it is also easy to standardize the switchboard design.
  • All circuits and manual operation parts are in front side. This front mounted design enables easy wiring, operation and inspection.
  • Easy insertion to cradle, line and load side reverse connection and convienient replacement of APR, trip device and motor also offer greater satisfaction to customers.
Draw-out type H W D
HiAN06-16 490 320 461.2
HiAN20-32 490 410 461.2
HiAN40 478 480 481
HiAN50-63 478 984 481
HiAH32 478 480 481
HiAS06-16 459 320 461.2
HiAS20-32 459 410 461.2

Multi-function ACB protection relay (APR)

  • By mounting of high-reliable multi function protection relay, ACBs can conduct perfect performance. 7 types of APR are available according to required functions.


Front view of ACB


Safety provision

  • The fully molded body increases the safety in any application.
  • The neutral pole contact closes earlier than the main cirucit contacts and opens later.
  • This early-make late-break N pole contact effectively prevents the occurrence of the abnormal voltages between the phase lines and the neutral line, thus ensuring safety.
  • Internal surge protection device suppresses the surge of ACB itself and protects against mis-operation of loads.
  • Various accessories also contribute to safety features.

Various accessories and options

  • Varrious accessories are available for better safety, convenience and performance of ACBs.
  • All accessories are easy to install and maintain.
  • Extensional auxiliary switch (1a1b)
  • Key lock device (lock in open)
  • Cycle counter
  • Door flange
  • Lifting lugs
  • Button lock cover
  • Neutral CT
  • Mechanical interlock device
  • Spring charge switch
  • Non-flammable cable
  • Safety shutter
  • Fixing blocks
  • Vertical type bus-bar
  • Short circuit 'b' contact
  • Position switch
  • Wrong inserting pervention device
  • Arc shield
  • 100% size neutral pole
  • Test jumper
  • APR checker

Introduction of HiAH & HiAS type

Both HiAH & HiAS type ACB are based on the HiAN type. By adopting different technology, they can cover all applications together with HiAN type.

  • HiAH type
    HiAH type ACB has the highest breaking capacity in the world, especially for marine use or in power plants. Wide current from 630A to 3200A can be realized in the same frame.
  • HiAS type
    HiAS type ACB is best suited for simple application with lower breaking capacity and compact size compared to HiAN type.


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