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Air Circuit Breakers:  
Masterpact NT and NW ranges from Schneider Electric offer built in communications and metering functions in addition to the traditional features of power circuit breakers viz withdrawbility, discrimination and low maintenance all in optimized frame sizes.

Our products incorporate the latest technology to enhance both performance and safety. Easy to install, with user-friendly, intuitive operation and environment-friendly design, Masterpact NT and NW are, quite simply circuit breakers of their time.
Aiming at standardising electrical switchboards at a time when installations are increasingly complex, Masterpact provides an unequalled simplicity, both concerning choice and installation.
  • The smallest circuit breaker in the world
  • Maximum security
  • Optimised volumes(Up to 4000 A, Masterpact NW circuit breakers are all the same size, the same as the old M08 to 32 range. From 4000 A to 6300 A, there is just one size.)
Two families and three frame sizes:
The range of power circuit breakers includes two families:
  • Masterpact NT, the world’s smallest true power circuit breaker, with ratings from 630 to 1600 A
  • Masterpact NW, in two frame sizes, one from 800 to 4000 A and the other from 4000 A to 6300 A
All standards:
Masterpact is compliant with international standards IEC 60947-1 and 2, IEC 68230 for type 2 tropicalisation, UL489, ANSI, UL1066, CCC and GOST.
Compliance with environmental requirements:
The materials used for Masterpact are not potentially dangerous to the environment and are marked to facilitate sorting for recycling. Production facilities are non-polluting in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard.
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